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Our Advisory Committee

Kathy Mahussier
Kathy Mahussier (003).JPG

Kathy has been a Labour Relations Officer with SGEU since March of 2010. Currently she is assigned as Education Sector Coordinator and represents SGEU employees within the Regional Colleges and the Professional Services (non-academic) employees within Saskatchewan Polytechnic.   In her career she has worked with other bargaining units including Information Services Corporation (ISC); Saskatchewan Crop Insurance (SCIC); SIAST Academic; and Gabriel Dumont Technical Institute as well as some Ministries within the Public Service Sector. Kathy has amassed experience in conflict resolution, bargaining, grievance administration, organizing, scope issues, duty to accommodate, as well as disciplinary matters and working conditions for our members. She believes in working in close partnership with the elected leaders in the bargaining units she represents and is honored to work with the teams that she has met in each of these units. Previous to her employment at SGEU, Kathy served the membership of SGEU within various elected roles in the Education Sector, SGEU Standing Committees and Provincial Council. Hailing from the Regional Colleges within her SGEU membership history she strongly values public education as the building block to a better society. Throughout her history both within elected and staff roles of SGEU, Kathy has remained a strong proponent of the belief that employees who feel valued, are the best asset to any organization and continues to work to empower our members through education, advocacy mentoring and support.

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